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Articles: Health & Performance

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You knew it would happen! Exercise advice for Post Natal Recovery, Part 1
This is an engaging article I wrote for the local National Childbirth Trust discussing ways to do your exercises without any time commitment.


Get Fit to Ski This Season
Here's a short article to give you some quick exercises to get you fit for the new Ski Season.


Stronger than a gym full of Aerobicisers! Exercise advice for Post Natal Recovery, Part 2
This is the second part of my series written for the NCT discussing integration of abdominal exercise.


Golf - It's not all in the head!
Read my article on why golfers should think like the pros and start understanding their body.


The Misunderstood 'Core'

Taken from my Professional Therapist newsletter, this article covers a little about the misunderstanding of what 'core control' really means.


Movement Screens as a Biofeedback for Motor Learning.

Taken from the September edition of my Professional Therapist Newsletter, this article discusses how Movement Screening can show up problems in a client's movement habits.


Flexibility, Stability and Strength in Harmony

Taken from my Professional Therapist Newsletter, this article follows on from Movment Screens by looking into the three foundations of a healthy body.


Assessing ‘Core Control’ and It’s Relationship to Musculoskeletal Pain.

Following on from 'The Misunderstood Core', this article looks at what muscle pain issues are common with core control problems and how to assess to see if core strength is a weak for you.