Acute Pain Management

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"Did you know, the latest research shows ICE placed on acute injuries slowed healing rates by inhibiting important hormone secretion? This flies in the face of what we've been told since the 1970s. 

It is so important to use the most effective protocol to recover from acute pain and rebuild tissue strength. Working with someone who is passionate enough to keep up with the changes and can give you the absolute best advice is a must.  

Chris Newton.

Can Muscle Therapies Help Resolve My Acute Pain?

One thing that is rarely communicated to people in pain by their health care provider is usually the one thing that person actually wants to hear - What is my pain and what can I do to help myself recover quickly? 

There are a few steps you need to take if you want to resolve acute pain quickly. The No.1 is working out what is causing the pain in the first place. Without a thorough assessment how do we know if we are dealing with muscular, ligament or joint damage, a nerve root compression, degeneration of a tendon or any other possible cause?

Different injury types have different healing times. Muscles heal fast, but the tendon attaching that muscle to the bone take considerably longer. Joint problems can take longer still. And nerves? Well let's not worry you with that right now! 

What you do at home is even more important than what we do in clinic if you want to recover quickly. I often say "There are 168 hours in the week and you are only with me for one of them". Can you see how your own actions have a much more profound effect?

Treatment and Advice

With that being said, treatment offers us the ability to facilitate some change that will allow you to heal all by yourself. So we can employ techniques from sports or remedial massage, corrective exercise and education to kick start the healing process. Over a few sessions we can tailor the treatment plan. You'll likely find that no treatment session was quite the same as the last because we try to keep pushing you forwards and building your confidence again. 

Why Choose Muscle Therapies?

Chris Newton has been treating people in pain with advanced manual therapy and exercise techniques for 15 years now. He spends time listening to you and systematically working out and optimising his approach, so that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment for your condition.

For over a decade he has been a senior tutor for the UK's leading sports massage school - NLSSM School of Sports Massage, where he still helps to develop the curriculum and the careers of newly qualified therapists.

Chris is regularly asked to present at national conferences, educating his peers on favourite subject; the management of Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes.

Chris loves to educate both his clients and students in a fun and uniquely informative way. Here he is wearing a muscle suit to help his students understand how tissues get injured in everyday shoulder movements. 

Pricing: £50 per appointment

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