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It is strange to think that in this information age, pain is actually on the increase within the population. The way we use our body is unlike at any other time in history. With hours of inactivity followed by the odd ‘exercise binge’ at the gym, the tissues of our body are clearly struggling to cope.

Chris has been interested in this issue since he began training in Sports Massage in 2005. He was lucky enough to train at NLSSM, one of the leading schools in Europe. This training inspired him to dedicate his working life to learn all he can about pain. 

After graduating in Sports and Remedial Massage he went on to learn Corrective Exercise with the CHEK Institute, which taught him to see pain in a holistic way. The body is a system of many integrated systems and it is important to treat it in that way. 

After studying many techniques and theories to help the tissues of the body, he realised that one thing was missing; a profound understanding of the nervous system and brain. Much of the time clients feel pain but have no evidence of tissue damage. That’s when he added P-DTR (Functional Neurology) to his approach. This allows him to treat how you process pain information, rather than always assuming pain is coming from tissue damage or misalignment.

In 2017 Chris started The Fibro Project, treating Fibromyalgia patients with great success using his methods. Initially donating free sessions, the aim has been to enable people in chronic pain to function well in society again and regain the energy to cope with the trials of daily life. 

Chris continues to seek a deep understanding of pain mechanisms and his clients benefit from his extensive knowledge and lateral thinking. 


Two years after graduating from NLSSM School of Sports Massage, Chris was invited to join the team. Because of his obvious passion for the subject, a year later he was promoted to Senior Tutor, a position he has held for just over a decade. This is a role that fulfils him greatly and he hopes to continue teaching for many years to come.

Chris brings his passion for teaching into his clinic, making client education a cornerstone of the work he does. He firmly believes that if you understand your pain you will make a better recovery from it.


Due to his unique approach, Chris has been asked on many occasions to speak at therapy conferences around the UK. Public speaking certainly doesn’t come naturally to Chris but he overcomes this through the enthusiasm he has for sharing his work. 

Chris’ Sporting Past and Present

Chris began his interest in movement early when he started to play squash aged just 6. He became Sussex No. 1 by age 12 and held that position until he turned 19 and entered the senior levels. His highest ranking was No. 11 in the country but he could never quite manage to squeeze into the national team. 

After hitting his 20s he turned his attention to adventure sports, becoming and experienced climber, kayaker and paraglider pilot. It was always the experience of learning new movements that inspired Chris to pursue the career he does today. 

Chris is now a husband and father to a beautiful wife and daughter, which takes up most of his free time these days. But he still loves adventure, taking his family for long hikes in the backcountry.

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