Treatment and Home Care Advice

By no means does our service offer to or suggest we can bring complete resolution to your symptoms, pain or discomfort. Pain is a complex and somewhat mysterious phenomena to even the greatest minds in the business, to which end it is not possible for any therapist to guarantee results. We take this point very seriously and endeavour to assist our clients towards positive change. Resolution of symptoms, pain or discomfort is sometimes a happy and fortunate byproduct of this approach.

Our treatments, exercise plans and home care advice are based on our personal understanding of best practice, with the aim of managing your symptoms. We try to keep up to date with the latest advancements in pain science, so our advice may change and even contradict itself over time. We will always be willing to change our treatment philosophy based on these improvements in research.

We do not offer any type of money back guarantee with any part of our service. However, we will always put our patients' needs first. To that end we will always consider referral to another practitioner if we believe that your symptoms are not manageable by our skill set or working approach.

Read this article for more clarity on our working approach and philosophies.

Medical Red Flags and Diagnosis

We are not medically trained and do not offer any kind of diagnostic service. Our thoughts on the mechanisms driving your symptoms, pain or discomfort are hypothesis only and are not a diagnosis of any condition. Our hypothesises are based on our current and deep understanding of the mechanisms that drive pain.

We endeavour to rule out any "Red Flags" (signs and symptoms or serious pathology). We do this through subjective questioning of the patient. How you phrase and communicate your symptoms can have a big effect on whether we are able to pick up signs of serious pathology.

The  sensations of pain are the same whether from soft tissue injury or pathology. Referred pain for example can come from simple to treat trigger points or a cancerous tumour. It is the smaller details in one's life, like night pain or unexpected weight gain or loss, that add up the Red Flags and suggest a referral.  Therefore it is easy to misinterpret serious pathology for soft tissue pain or injury if a full picture is not communicated to us. We can share no responsibility for a misdiagnosis.

All Red Flag concerns will be referred to a medical professional. We reserve the right to refuse treatment. It is not our responsibility to ensure you follow our referral advice.

If you are in any doubt about the severity of your symptoms or our ability to help manage them, please consult your medical professional.

Services and Products

We often advise or refer to colleagues, services or products outside of our company to help you with the management of your symptoms, pain or discomfort. 

Whilst we thoroughly research all our advice, we are unable to take any responsibility for the services or advice these companies or products offer you or any misinterpretation of that advice by you.