Fearless Movement Programme

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"Use it or lose it! This might seem like a flippant saying but unfortunately it is true in the human body. The less you move, the less you can move. 

People ageing or in pain fear movement so avoid moving, which weakens their ability to move and causes more fear. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. 

What's the cure? Simple, to break the fear of movement and get stronger again with exercise. It is never too late.

The more you move, the more you can move."

Chris Newton.

What is the Fearless Movement Programme?

The body is looking for the most energy efficient way to run your body. It's a balance between retaining enough strength to cope with the demands of your day but no more because that would be wasteful. 

The important phrase there was "demands of your day" because, if you reduce the demand you'll also reduce the excess capacity. In other words "Use it or lose it". 

Fearless Movement

"Think about it. Natural movement is thoughtless and fearless. This should be the goal of any therapeutic plan." A quote by the late Louis Gifford, world renowned British Physiotherapist and father of modern pain management.

For many people a fear of movement is what makes them weaker. And as they avoid movement they become weaker still, which reenforces their fears. 

Movement fears are commonly due to two things: past experience of pain, or, beliefs about pain/ageing. Both of which lead to a self fulfilling prophecy that looks like this:

Fear - Avoid - Weakening - Confirmation of Fear - More Avoidance . . . 

But this cycle can be broken with a strategic and carefully designed exercise programme.

How? By Finding Your Success

The key is to help you learn what you are capable of doing, then exploring edges of that in a safe and controlled environment. We do this by starting with a thorough assessment and history taking, and go through a process of "finding your success" in movement.

What I mean by "Finding your success" is that we look to challenge you, whilst proving to you that you are capable of more than you realised. Not by forcing you to do things that worry you but instead by allowing you to experience success. The strategy looks like this:

Fear - Challenge - Success and Strengthen - Reduced Fear - More Challenge . . . 

Whether young or old, in pain or just de-conditioned, you'll become liberated from the confines you place upon yourself. Over time, we can then explore more and more movement variations so that we can return you to activities you once loved to do.

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Why Choose Muscle Therapies?

Chris Newton has dedicated the last 15 years to learning about movement. His passion is about overcoming persistent pain and educating people in pain. Instead of relying on "Therapy" and "Therapists" for a lifetime, the aim is to enable people to take back control of their body.

For over a decade he has been a senior tutor for the UK's leading sports massage school - NLSSM School of Sports Massage, where he still helps to develop the curriculum and the careers of newly qualified therapists.

Chris is regularly asked to present at national conferences, educating his peers on favourite subject: The management of Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes.

Chris loves to educate both his clients and students in a fun and uniquely informative way. Here he is wearing a muscle suit to help his students understand how tissues get injured in everyday shoulder movements. 

Pricing: £50 per appointment

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