P-DTR: Functional Neurology

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"Have you ever cut yourself and not realised it, until someone says "Do you know you're bleeding?", then it starts to hurt! Why is this? Because pain is not about tissue damage. It's about how you process information. 

You can have zero pain yet have tissue damage, like the example above, but you can also have pain without any tissue damage. The latter is a very important distinction when you suffer in chronic pain.

Chris Newton.

Why P-DTR?

P-DTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) is part of a newly emerging field of science-backed therapy called Functional Neurology. Simply put, it works on improving the way you interpret overly sensitised signals from your tissues. 

Sensitisation occurs when pain persists beyond the natural healing time of tissue. You can become sensitised in the peripheries (your body tissues), or centrally (your brain and spinal cord). Working to reduce this sensitisation has dramatic effects on both acute (recent) and chronic (persistent) pain. In fact, we have been able to specialise and successfully treat people with possibly the worst and most complex form of chronic pain; Fibromyalgia, with solely this treatment method.

If conventional therapy or medicine is yet to improve your symptoms, then you might consider taking another approach. Book in for a Free Assessment and we can see if this is right for you. 

Why Choose Muscle Therapies?

Chris Newton has been treating people in pain for the past 15 years. He spends time listening to you and systematically working out and optimising his approach, so that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment for your condition.

For over a decade he has been a senior tutor for the UK's leading sports massage school - NLSSM School of Sports Massage, where he helps to develop the curriculum and the careers of newly qualified therapists.

Chris is regularly asked to present at national conferences, educating his peers on his favourite subject; the management of Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes.

Chris loves to educate both his clients and students in a fun and uniquely informative way. Here he is wearing a muscle suit to help his students understand how tissues get injured in everyday shoulder movements. 

Pricing: £50 per appointment

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