Sports Injury Management

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"There are two ways you can go about injuries: Rehab or Prehab.

It is inevitable that you'll get injured in sport, so we have to be skilled at enabling tissue to heal quickly. That's the Rehab process. 

If you want to play sports for the long term though, you have to think about your body like a piece of your equipment. It needs maintenance. It needs you to give it a regular once over to check for potential break down. That's the domain of Prehab - Preventative Rehab."

Chris Newton.

How can Muscle Therapies get me back to my sport?

Remedial Interventions

If you play sports the chances are high that you'll sustain an injury at some point. The key is to understand whether the injury came as a result of acute trauma, like a sudden twisted ankle, or as a result of over-use. 

If you are lucky it was the former. Why? Well it is much easier and quicker to set a management plan in place to recover from acute injuries. We can give you a reasonably accurate timeline to return to sport and we can judge quite easily the stage at which the tissue is healing. 

I the latter, the overuse injury, there are quite a few variables we need to consider. Making changes to the training plan, technique or equipment is usually a must alongside any intervention we apply. Fortunately we are skilled in helping our clients find the root causes of overuse injuries because we can apply our substantial exercise and biomechanics knowledge to any given sport. This gives you the ability to recover quickly from injury and return to sport knowing what changes you can make to bring longevity to your activity.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is a different mindset to injury rehabilitation. Most amateur sports people forget that their body is the primary instrument of their sport. Not their bike, football boots or tennis racket but their body. 

Professional athletes have Sports Massage therapists on staff because they see how important they are to their longevity in sport. So much so that the term "Prehab" has become widely used. 

With a Prehab mindset you will see that soft tissue work on your muscles is akin in getting your gearing checked on your bike, or assessing the wear on the stings of your tennis racket. Prehab gives you the opportunity to recognise where things are beginning to break down and take action before they do so mid competition.

We use all the techniques at our disposal to check and do maintenance on each of the systems that affect muscle health. We'll keep a regular eye on changes in your muscular strength and flexibility, your nervous system reflexes and check for and degeneration that can occur from overload and overuse. 

Why Choose Muscle Therapies?

Chris Newton has been treating people in pain with advanced Sports and Remedial techniques for 15 years now. Over this time his experience in resolving injuries has evolved and refined through practice and a commitment to professional development.

For over a decade he has been a senior tutor for the UK's leading sports massage school - NLSSM School of Sports Massage, where he still helps to develop the curriculum and the careers of newly qualified therapists.

Chris is regularly asked to present at national conferences, educating his peers on favourite subject; the management of Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes.

Chris loves to educate both his clients and students in a fun and uniquely informative way. Here he is wearing a muscle suit to help his students understand how tissues get injured in everyday shoulder movements. 

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