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Acute Pain Management

Discover the work we do to help people like you recover from recent tissue damage. 

Chronic Pain Management

We have a unique approach to long term pain. One that you'll find is surprisingly liberating.

Sports Injury Management

Speedy recovery back to sport is our primary goal. Detailed step by step help & advice.

The Fibromyalgia Project

Discover our uniquely successful approach to managing Fibromyalgia 

Fearless Thoughtless Movement

Bespoke movement therapy to get you active again whatever your fears.

FirstBeat® Stress Coaching

What actually affects or does not affect your stress? Detailed 72 hour analysis and report.

What Our Clients Say

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Johnathan I, East Grinstead
Connie H, East Grinstead
Barbara W, Crawley
John H, Crawley Down
Marianne J, West Hoathly
Phil M, London
Anne J, East Grinstead
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Hazel L, Heathfield

Chronic Pain After a Road Traffic Accident

The work I have done with Chris has been fantastic. I had a serious RTA which resulted in many smashed ribs and surgery. Chris has helped me with the muscle strength recovery of my stomach and back and the pain management of my back and shoulders and taught me how to stay mobile. Chris' work is much more effective than any other Physio therapy I have had in the past.

Rugby Shoulder Injury

Chris really helped me out with my shoulder pain. It took just a few sessions and he used techniques I've never experienced before from a sports massage therapist. They work! The exercises he gave me were great too and they have developed to be specific to playing rugby. I've gone back to playing rugby finally after 3 months off and I'm so pleased. Many thanks again.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

After only a couple of treatments my long-standing lower back pain had dramatically improved. Chris' approach is very motivational which really helped me put his advice into practice. Can't recommend him enough.

Simple Exercises Make a Big Difference

I just wanted to say thank you. Since I came to see you last Friday, I have been doing the exercise you showed me to stretch my thigh muscles, and my back/hip problem has improved enormously. It’s really good – I can now go right through until about 6pm until my hip starts to hurt – compared to about 10am last week. And it’s so easy to stand at my desk and do this exercise so I’m able to do it lots of times during the day. Thank you so much for your help.

Regular Maintenance For a Marathoner

I’m a passionate 4+ week a season skier and a regular road runner who has been seeing Chris virtually every week since early 2010. Chris has got me through ski seasons, half and full marathons all totally injury free. If you do your warm ups and stretches as Chris advises you might be lucky enough to join this club! – Thanks Chris

Managing Congenital Knee Pain

I have been treated by Chris at Muscle Therapies on a weekly basis for over a decade now, and hopefully for many more years to come! I have a long-term congenital knee problem which needs "managing" on a regular basis to reduce discomfort and Chris is the perfect therapist for the job. He is a very good listener and explains his diagnosis really clearly. I'm often sent home with exercises to do to help correct a particular muscle weakness, and this corrective exercise element, along with his extensive knowledge really sets Chris apart from other practitioners. When I come in complaining about my postnatal jelly-belly, Chris also gives me abdominal exercises to do (not sit-ups like most personal trainers). I swim regularly to help my condition and Chris also thinks of exercises for me to do in the water to fit in with my lifestyle, which with two small children to look after, is often more practical. I have recommended Muscle Therapies to many people who have all been impressed with Chris and I will keep recommending him. Thank you for your continued support Chris!

CrossFit Instructor Shoulder Pain

Just thought I would give you and update on my shoulder. Since I saw you last week I have been stretching my glutes and hip flexors everyday as you suggested, combined with a few sessions of cold/heat therapy. I have to say my symptoms have improved dramatically. The day to day aches I randomly got have pretty much disappeared, and I have not had any pain symptoms in my shoulder again, apart from the odd twinge. I have even done a few pull-ups ok! Whatever you did with my hips to help my shoulder seems to be working! Fingers crossed things continue this way. Thanks so much for the help!

Grateful For The GP Referral

Chris is a very genuine person with a passion for his subject. His knowledge is impressive and he works hard with his clients to achieve the best results for them. His techniques are thorough and effective and is supplemented with an exercise programme to maximise the benefit of the treatment and get the body working to it's full potential. His approach is understanding and encouraging but always honest. I have absolute faith in Chris and consider myself very lucky to have been referred to him.

Acute Shoulder Injury

Thanks for all your help in late October, I have to say, that after taking your advice the dull aches in my shoulders have gone which is of course great news, I have not done any weights since, so for now I am going to lay off them (well at least until the new year!) May be back to you nearer the time for some advice on that front. Thanks again

5 Years of Chronic Pain

After a long, tiring, depressing 5 years of pain, NHS waiting lists and trying to convince doctors and specialists I was in a huge amount of pain and walking was becoming a big problem, my acupuncture therapist told me to go and see Chris. I saw him before I had another pain clinic appointment. He opened up Muscle Therapies just for me before he moved, which was really kind of him. He showed me how to stop the pain from building up and he also suggested that I needed inserts in my shoes because my ankles were collapsing inwards.

I found the he was very nice, easy to talk to and listened intently to what I had to say. I then went to the pain clinic with this information that Chris had given me and, there on the spot and thanks to him, I finally had a diagnosis of a genetic connective tissue disorder called Hyper-mobility Syndrome. Finally, I’m now getting the help and recognition of what I’m going through every day. I saw a podiatrist on the NHS within a few weeks who was blown away by how bad my feet and ankles were, got the insoles straight away and they’re really helping, it’ll never go away, the condition, but I’m getting splints, supports and help now. Thank you so much for taking the time out to see me.