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Sensitisation can come in many forms. From local sensitised nerve endings that seem to Zing and Zap at the slightest movement, to Fibromyalgia - probably the most extreme form of sensitisation I deal with.

This kind of pain can be anything from widespread or very local depending on what is sensitised. Certain movements trigger it but not all the time, or the pain seems to move from one body area to another for no apparent reason. The main giveaways though are the inconsistency, the length of time you have had the problem and lack of any sign of tissue damage. 

It takes a considered approach to desensitise tissues. One that involves education as much as it does manual therapy or exercise. People lose confidence in their body and this gets reenforced with every zing and zap they get. But it is important to rebuild this trust in your body again because sensitisation can improve quite quickly, with the right plan. 

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