Over Training

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From the little we know about you from this pain quiz, it seems likely that your problem is:

Over Training - Under Recovery

What does that mean? 

Over Training is something that serial exercisers may experience in their training life. We actually call it Under Recovery these days because it is actually an inability to recover from the training that is the problem, rather than over doing it. 

Professional athletes have a full medical team on hand to look for signs of Over Training but the average amateur athlete has to rely on reading their body and being honest with themselves when their training responses start to negatively affect them. 

Recovery from exercise isn't as simple as how many hours there are until the next training session. Even a very well written training plan can't take into account how well you've slept the night before, whether you are building micro trauma in your muscles faster than you can heal, how you respond to the stress of your working life or, for women, where you are on your monthly cycle. Training is individual and you should never compare yourself to how your friends are doing.

How do we keep you training?

From detailed 72 hour continuous heart rate variability assessments to recovery massage and tissue assessment, there are many ways in which we can help. Our focus is to help you manage your recovery and deal with the effects of training by being an objective pair of eye on you. The aim is always to keep you from under recovery and out training and competing. 

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