Tissue or Joint Ischemia

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Tissue or Joint Ischemia

What does that mean? 

Ischemia may sound like a big medical problem but it really is the simplest form of pain generator in the body. Ischema is a word that describes a lack of fluid flow that causes oxygen to become limited in cells, so acidic metabolites then build up. 

Ischemia can occur in broad muscular areas, like across your shoulders, or very locally around or inside a joint, like in some cases of lower back discomfort. It's caused by a compression or stretch of the tissues that is sustained for long periods of time, so many people find the pain builds up as the stand, sit or lay in one or more particular positions. The key to solving the problem is creating space and balance in the tissues or joints. 

Because this sustained compression or stretch reduces oxygen uptake in the area, it usually becomes progressively more uncomfortable. The issue seems to come and go throughout the day and some days are worse than others, which makes it very frustrating. But being active almost always eases the discomfort for a while, even in joint related ischemia. The challenge is that we can't keep moving all the time in our modern world, so we need to get to the root of the problem if we are going to be more comfortable, and that requires us to change some habits and build up our tissue strength.

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