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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

What does that mean? 

DOMS is an immune reaction to an increase in activity that caused minor tissue trauma. It’s a chemical irritation of the tissues that causes the discomfort to build up over 24 to 48 hours after exercise. It’s nothing to worry about in the short term but it does impede your ability to keep training. 

It is part of the over training category because the tissues were not able to deal with or recover well to the demands of the challenge or activity. DOMS most often comes on in people new to exercise or who train sporadically but because of Over Training it can also occur in seasoned athletes who aren't recovering well or swap to a new sporting discipline.

For the seasoned athlete there is a fine line between DOMS and Over Training, which can be differentiated by the speed at which you can recover. DOMS should only take 3-4 days at most, whilst Over Training will require a dramatic change in programming to resolve the problem. 

There are a few rules to managing DOMS, like not training on muscles that have it. Many think DOMS is a sign of just working out hard but this is simple not true and can cause many problems down the line. 

In most cases DOMS is something to manage. Regular Sports Massage is ideal because massage helps muscle tissues recover and encourages waste metabolites out of the irritated tissues that build up with exercise. 

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