VIP Gift Voucher

You're A V.I.P. To Us

You are one of a select group of people ever to have visited this web page, because, right now, you should be in possession of our VIP Gift Voucher.

This particular voucher is given out only to existing clients of ours that mirror our values, and have expressed a desire to help others. Which in this case, means you.

So you are a very important person to us.  

The voucher you hold entitles you to a detailed Pain or Injury Assessment and Guidance session, either face-to-face or online (which ever suits you). 

In this session we'll dig deep in to the pain or injury you are struggling with and thoroughly assess it.

By the end of the session we should have a detailed idea of what's going on and be able to give you advice to get you started with your recovery.

How To Book Your Appointment.

Because this appointment type is not readily available to the public, here's how to get yourself booked in. 

Click the link below, which will assign you a "Free Assessment" appointment. Choose that option and follow the steps.

You'll be asked to secure the slot with a debit card but this will not be charged.

When you see a text box to "Add Booking Notes", please type in your voucher code. That way we know to expect you. Please also bring your voucher along with you.

That's it, you're booked in.

I look forward to seeing at your appointment and helping start you on a journey back to a healthier body.