Advanced Soft Tissue Skills

Dramatically improve your skills in all areas of the body

Why should you apply for one of our limited spaces?

This isn't just another course to attend. This has been designed as a mentorship.

Spread over 10 months, we delve into the fine details of the human body and learn to manage the wide majority of issues that come through your doors. My aim will be to help you resolve any sticking points you have when working with clients and begin to fill any gaps in knowledge you feel you have. 

Read below to see what we will be covering.


Day 1: 17th October 2020
Pelvic Dysfunction, Part One

Day 1 starts at the pelvis. At the centre of the body the pelvis has influence over upper and lower body function. So many of our clients will come in with low back pain and this is the first place to start your management process. In this first day we learn how the Ilium plays its role and the Articular MET techniques that can help rebalance it.

Day 2: 21st November 2020
Pelvic Dysfunction, Part Two

Following on from day 1, we move our attention to the Sacrum. This bone is crucial in the function of the S.I. joint and Lumbar Spine. By now we've learnt to balance the Ilium, so we expand on these Articular MET techniques to balance the Sacrum and give ease to the client's low back pain. 

Day 3: 12th December 2020
Hips to the Knees

In the pursuit of understanding the knee, our next two days look at the main influences over it. This week we learn to assess the hip and knee to understand good function.  We will look at assessment techniques and exercises to help generate mobility and stability from the hip down. 

Day 4: 16th January 2021
Knees to Feet

Part two of the knee takes us on a journey through knee and ankle assessment. We should have a good understanding at this point of knee assessment and mechanics, so this day helps us understand foot issues too. We will cover all the major ankle injury types as well as the mechanics that give rise to knee pain. 

Day 5: 20th February 2021
Lumbar & Thoracic Spine

Understanding the mechanics of the spine will go a long way to improving your client outcomes in clinic. In this session we will learn all about Type 1 and Type 2 spinal mechanics and how to assess for them. We will then go into the Articular MET techniques to safely improve function once again. 

Day 6: 20th March 2021
The Shoulder

This area can be super challenging to master. A good understanding of function, stability and mobility is a must to solve the many issues that present in clinic. The aim of this day is to help you understand these key concepts and build better treatment plans around them.

Day 7: 20th April 2021
Exercise Prescription

Whilst soft tissue therapies are fantastic at reducing pain in clients, to truly resolve issues and halt recurrent injury we have to understand a little exercise prescription. On this day we discuss how to categorise clients' tissue quality to build the right home exercise plan. We aim to take the mystery out of giving exercise so that you can be confident in helping your clients fully recover. 

Day 8: 22nd May 2021
Pain Education 

The latest pain science is very clear that good patient education is the major factor in resolving persistent symptoms. So this week we dedicate some time to improving this skill set. 

Day 9: 19th June 2021
Bringing it all together, Part one

Over the past 8 months you will have learnt a lot but also forgotten a lot. It's our aim for these final two days to hand over the questions to you. Today is much more about mentorship than information downloads. The goal is to help you feel confident in the techniques we discussed over the past sessions and build upon those skills. 

Day 10: 17th July 2021
Bringing it all together, Part two

Our final day together brings more collaboration. It's your final chance to really master the skills we have worked so hard on. On this day we go through your own client case files and brainstorm ways in which you could overcome your challenges. So far, all our past students have found this day to be one of the most valuable of all. 

Need more reasons to apply?

This course is about giving you the best outcome for your clinical practice as possible. I'm not planning to knowledge dump on you then leave you to fend for yourself. So I want to give you support between sessions if you need it. This is how you'll be supported:

  • This will be a small group of no more than 8 people so everybody's needs can be met
  • We will be running a private Facebook group for Q&A sessions
  • Videos on the techniques we cover each day
  • An optional 1 hour group recap webinar
  • Discounted one-to-one Skype mentoring


This course will be run at my clinic in Forest Row, East Sussex - 10-5pm each day

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Early Bird Discount: £115  £95 per day, until September 30th.

This is a 10 day course. You are applying to reserve a seat for all ten days. After initial £95 payment to cover the first date we will give you details to set up a bank transfer to arrive the week before each subsequent course date. 

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