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Reaching your goals takes guts, determination and maybe just
a little professional direction.


Managing to reach your goals, whether you are training for a sporting event or not, requires that you take care of your body. The body is 100% a product of the food we eat, the lifestyle choices we make and the continued effort we make to maintain ourselves. Training for an event, especially if it's your first, usually involves people just going out and doing the activity from scratch and not taking any time to learn what their body really needs to get started. But the starting point you are at as an individual is a product of these past lifestyle choices, and they determine what your foundation of fitness is for training.


Lets take the goal of a 10km run for charity for example. When you have an event like this booked you need to get up to completing that milage as soon as possible, and because you know it's going to be hard, you put up with all the aches and pains that go with getting there. The problem is most people continue to exercise on these aches and pains not really knowing whether they're getting injured or adapting to the stimulus.


There is a real science to knowing the answer to this question of injury over adaptation and it's one I've spent many years studying. The answer lies in whether the basic foundations for exercise have been met. These are simply Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Endurance. And they are required in exactly that order. You can't have stability without flexibility, you can't have strength without stability and you can't have endurance without strength. After these foundations are met the body needs maintenance.


Exercise, whilst ultimately healthy, damages the body repeatedly. The only way you can remain injury free is to have your body regularly assessed and treated so that the muscles heal in a way that makes them stronger. This goes for everyone, no matter if you are Joe Bloggs trying to lose weight for a healthier life or an Olympic athlete. So how do you reach your potential?

Never fear, you have options.


Assessment of your foundation for fitness.


At Muscle Therapes we specialise in helping clients find the root cause of where their foundations of fitness are lacking. A general stretching programme only helps to maintain muscle imbalace by stretching the long and short muscles equally. We will develop you a stretching programme that gets you back in balance and lets you move more efficiently. If Stability, Strength or Endurance are where the problems lay then we will produce a supportive exercise programme that will improve your foundations and get you to your goal quicker.




Sports Massage is by far the best way to keep the body balanced and healthy during training. Multi millionnaire athletes with huge costly medical teams at their beckon call rely primarily on their Sports Massage Therapist to keep them from seeing the Physio month in month out. And this type of treatment is equally as accessable to you with it's Low Cost / High Reward benefits. I see muscle tissues improve at an incredible rate from simple but effective treatment because, when I treat, the exact right tissues are being worked on when they need it. There is nothing general about this type of work and this makes the treatment 100% client focussed and individualised.


25% off your first appointment.


With 25% off your first appointment you get a full assessment and case history taken and are treated with exactly the right techniques to improve your performance. Coupled with this you'll get lorry loads of advice that will get you on track and training right for your body type.


Need proof?


Here's a GPS tracking data sheet a client sent to me recently showing his rapid progression from an injury that has been a problem for over two years. It shows not only the evidence that his speed, time and distances improve but also his personal commets about how he is feeling. The client had previously run marathons and regular half marathons but as you can see this injury had him reduced to less than one and a half miles before he saw me. Client was planning to do his first Olympic Triathlon which required him to complete a 10km (6.2 mile) run.


You can read my full write up by clicking here.


Run data


So why not get through your event the easy way?

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