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What is Functional Exercise?


The one thing missing from almost every natural healthcare clinic is the ability to instruct an exercise program to support manual therapy treatments such as Sports Massage or Osteopathy. FUnctional Exercise takes its approach from every day human movements that for the basic primal patterns we need to be healthy, such as the bend, squat, push, pull, twist and gait (walking and running) to give a highly tailored exercise program to rehabilitate the tissues. Many of the principles begin with exercises you might see in a physiotherapy clinic but we aim to movem you past these into fully functional movement that surpasses your requirements.


We fully assess our clients in order to find out exactly where they need to start their programs, building core and joint stabilisation from the foundation up. We believe that it is important to learn to stabilise posture and alignment first and build upon that. Don't be put off though, as this can be a quick process and will accelerate any future strength gains that may be important to you recovery.


Clients often start with floor based exercises and quickly move on to more challenging movements as they become stronger and more stable. We then use other weighted equipment and various stability balls to make your program specifically tailored to your lifestyle, whether that is with a sporting, work or social focus.


At Muscle Therapies we encourage the use of exercise as a means to give our clients lasting relief from their muscular pain. We don’t believe that ‘once you have back pain you’ll have it for life’ or ‘as you get old it is only natural that you ache all the time’. These are two examples of what the general media would have you believe to keep you buying medication and pain relief gadgets. Functionall Exercise seeks to rehabilitate and educate the client so that they can effectively become pain free for the rest of their life.