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Discount for East Grinstead Triathlon Club Members

Take advantage of our great discounted rate.


We are proud to support the EG Tri Club and are offering all the members a big discount on our Injury Management and performance Enhancement services.


We're not all about injuries here at Muscle Therapies, we actually pride ourselves of helping clients to improve sports performance. Olympic level athletes understand the need for regular treatment because it keeps their muscles and joints healthy and catches injury potential way before that tearing pain in your muscle ever happens.


At Muscle Therapies we assess our clients against an internationally recognised Functional Movement Screen, which is designed to show up your movement weaknesses. We test your range of motion, strength and coordination so we can develop a plan for you that will improve your performance in the pool, on the roads.


Call us now and take advantage of your discount:


Full assessment, Functional Movement Screen and first treatment - £60 (discounted rate £50)

Standard assessment and treatment - £45 (discounted rate £40)

Treatment sessions - £45 (discounted rate £40)