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Articles: Injury Management

Click below to read our articles on best practise for Injury Management.



Injury Recovery Part 1: The Big Chill - Cold Therapy

Understanding whether heat or ice is best for recovering from injury.


Injury Recovery Part 2: Mobilisation
Following on from the previous article on ice we delve deeper into injury recovery with mobilisation.


Injury Recovery Part 3: Activity Specific Rehabilitation
In the last part of our Injury recovery series I discuss the benefits of Activity Specific Exercise.


Injury Prevention Part 1: Flexibility
Flexibility is the cornerstone of all muscular health. This article discusses the reasons why.


Injury Prevention Part 2: Strength
Delving deeper into injury prevention we discuss how strength plays its important role.


Trigger Points: What is everybody on about?

A short article that describes what Trigger Points are, how they form and what to expect.


Muscle Pain - Push Through or Pull Up And Stop

Why should you not push through the pain when injury strikes? This article outlines some simple rules to follow that will keep you making the right choices when muscles become problematic.