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What is Advanced Sports Massage?


There are many ways in which to treat the muscular system of the body and none more powerful than the knowledge and techniques found in Advanced Sports Massage. The treatment is uniquely effective because, unlike many other therapies, we actively search for and feel out the areas of restriction in the tissues. For this reason alone treatments can quickly reveal the root cause of the problem and ease these restrictions.


Sports Massage has become synonymous with excessively deep treatment that is quite painful. This is only true when the techniques are used in the wrong hands. By contrast, true Sports Massage uses subtle manipulation of the tissues on both a muscle tissue level and a neuromuscular (nervous system) level. Combining these two approaches leads to a truly powerful, long lasting and deep release to the tissues.


Advanced Sports Massage bases its treatment approach on a thorough assessment. This gives us the opportunity to get to the root of the problem quickly, which can often be far from the painful area itself. So if your neck and shoulders ache the treatment will be tailored to regain balance from every angle necessary to release the painful symptoms, maybe even at your pelvis.

Why Sports Massage with Muscle Therapies?


Chris Newton is one of the most widely knowledgeable practitioners of Sports Massage in the country. He takes knowledge from many other disciplines such as Functional and Corrective Exercise, Sports Science, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Biomechanics, Biological Psychology and Lifestyle Coaching, which gives him a highly skilled viewpoint from which to work.


Chris is also fortunate enough to be a Senior Tutor for the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage, which has allowed him to work with and learn from some of the best practitioners in the country from fields such as Physiotherapy and Osteopathy along with Advanced Sports Massage. This demanding working environment has highly refined his techniques over the last 3 years and his clients are the ones to benefit from this.