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Here are 3 reasons why we are ideally suited to help you. . .

1. Industry Leader

Chris Newton remains at the forefront of the industry through lecturing and speaking at national events.
He is also a senior tutor for the prestegious NLSSM School of Sports Massage.

2. A Dedicated Facility

Muscle Therapies is the only 100% dedicated facility for Sports Massage and Functional Exercise in the East Grinstead

area, with its own treatment rooms and fully equipped gym.

3. Our Client Promise

“If we believe you can be more quickly and efficiently treated by another means we will refer you to
whom we consider to be the best specialist in the area without delay.”


Welcome to Muscle Therapies


Since being opened by Chris Newton on the edge of East Grinstead in 2006, Muscle Therapies has continued to advance in the treatment of clients' muscular pain through a variety of advanced Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Therapies and Corrective Exercise techniques. This web site hopes to give you an insight into how we treat and rehabilitate damaged tissue, and as part of our commitment to the health of our clients we will also be giving advice on how to recover from muscular pain as quickly and effectively as possible.


We know that it takes courage to seek help in overcoming chronic musclular pain and that most of our clients feel they’ve exhausted all other avenues before they decide to have a ‘massage’ to help. Advanced Sports Massage is capable of correcting muscle pain because, unlike many other therapies, we are willing to get our hands deep into the tissues and feel for the restrictions. At Muscle Therapies we use a wide range of techniques not ordinarily found in a massage therapists repertoire, which target the nervous system's communication with the muscle. This allows us to reset and rehabilitate the way the muscles are working.


Along with Advanced Sports Massage we are the only Complentary Therapy clinic in East Grinstead and surrounding areas to offer a fully equipped rehabilitation gym to complement our Manual Therapy treatment. Whether you are having massage, chiropractic, osteopathic or any other therapy to help with your symptoms, there must be an exercise program behind such treatment so as to strengthen the system in order to free you of pain in the long term. This is why we are so highly skilled in this area of your recovery.

We hope you find the information on this website useful and informative.





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